World Food India (WFI) 2023

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Embassy of India

Press Release

Title: World Food India (WFI) 2023

Embassy of India, Manila is pleased to announce that the Ministry of Food Processing Industries is organizing the 2nd edition of World Food India (WFI) 2023 from 3-5 November, 2023 in New Delhi, India with a view to showcase global food processing landscape along with Indian food heritage.

Global leaders of the food processing industry and allied sectors, including food processors, equipment manufacturers, logistics companies, cold chain players, start-ups and innovators, and food retailers are participating in World Food India 2023 to showcase their strengths and forge mutually beneficial ties. Various thematic, country and state sessions are being organized in the event. In addition, buyer-seller meetings, and other events are also planned to explore B2B/G engagements and cross-sector cooperation.

The Embassy wishes to invite interested businesses/companies in the Philippines to participate in this event.

The complete registration details of the event can be seen at

For further information on World Food India 2023, Mr. Jitendra Kumar may be contacted at To stay updated, follow the official social media accounts of World Food India on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

August 2, 2023